I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions or goals but I do think there's something really hopeful and inspiring about people wanting to better themselves. So here are some things I added into my self-care rotation last year and a few I'm planning on starting in 2019.

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EltaMD UV Lotion Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF

I loathe sunscreen. I can't stand the feel of it, the smell of it or the heaviness and cloying stickiness of it. It doesn't help that I'm super fair and therefore should be coated in it at all times. But I am very fond of this sunscreen. Not only does it have a high SPF for simple day-to-day wear, but it's lightweight, odorless and can be mixed with your regular lotion. I'm also a huge fan of their tinted face sunscreen that I mix in with my foundation. I'm allergic to everything (including multiple forms of sunscreen) and this doesn't make me break out!


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AUVON iMedassit Pill Planner

You thought we'd get through this list without talking about pills or supplements, didn't you? Sorry to disappoint. I'm forgetful and all of my pills start to blur together so having this enormous and colorful weekly pill organizer seems like it would solve a lot of the "what time am I supposed to take this one again?" problems.


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Neck, Shoulder & Back Heating Pad

I've wanted one of these for so long. I hunch over constantly at work and at home while I'm painting, so the idea of having something cozy and soft that will also loosen tense muscles while I chill in bed and watch a movie seems like a dream. I should also just work on my posture but that's not the point.


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Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier

Cleaner air is never a bad idea, especially if you can't have indoor plants because your cat is obsessed with eating anything green.


credit: Amazon

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

This seems like a win-win. You're getting some cardio while you're sitting at your desk working, and you're keeping your energy up so you don't crash at 2 o'clock! If you'd rather have an under-the-desk cycling class, there's also a bicycle pedaler version.

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