In case you missed the breaking news earlier this week: a Golden Girls-themed cruise is FINALLY happening and it sets sail one year from tomorrow. Prayers have been answered, everyone. Let the countdown begin!

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The Golden Girls Rose Chia Pet

No better way to make a year go by faster than pouring your love and devotion into something that will ultimately wither away! Betty White may be America's Sweetheart (as anyone that credits their 97 years of life to "vodka and hot dogs" should be) but you can also opt for a Chia Pet of the Sophia, Blanche, or Dorothy variety.


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Golden Girls Socks

Y'all. These socks scream "footloose and fancy-free" better than a Blanche Devereaux pick-up line. If the giant 3D printing isn't quite your style or if you're looking to get all the Golden Girls socks that you can there is a more modest tube sock option as well as some wonderfully busy compression socks.

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Golden Girls Shot Glasses & Drinking Game

Get your liver and your funny bone ready because the Golden Girls drinking game is here and it is intense! Playing is simple: pick your favorite Golden Girl, stream all of the seasons, and start shooting! Pint glasses are also available for those who would rather sit, watch, and sip when they feel like it.


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Clue The Golden Girls Board Game

Which heathen Golden Girl ate the last piece of cheesecake? Where did they do it and what evidence did they leave behind? You'll never know until you dive into this custom whodunnit board game. Once you find the cheesecake bandit you can move onto Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit, Golden Girls card games, or Golden Girls Mad Libs.


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Golden Girls Windshield Sun Shade

Protect your car with the illusion of a whole bunch of babes keeping it real. You'll never feel lonely when you get to thank all of the Golden Girls for being a friend after they keep the inside of your ride temperate. Feeling extra daring? Let Rose take the wheel.

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