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Happy National Fried Chicken Day!
The time has come to celebrate everyone's favorite deliciously greasy and indulgent comfort food: fried chicken. Get your feed buckets out and prepare to party fried chicken style with these fabulous finds.
How to Make the Most of Food Poisoning
Yet another E. Coli outbreak graced the country earlier this week resulting in over 80 tons of precious ground beef being pulled from supermarket shelves. Anyone that has suffered through E. Coli or food poisoning, in general, knows that it's no laughing matter. That doesn't mean you can&a…
So Many Reasons to Celebrate April
The month of April has more going on than a Kardashian's personal assistant. So much to do! So many things to celebrate! Tax Day, Haiku Poetry Day, Arbor Day... the list goes on and on but the bottom line is that April really knows how to party.