The month of April has more going on than a Kardashian's personal assistant. So much to do! So many things to celebrate! Tax Day, Haiku Poetry Day, Arbor Day... the list goes on and on but the bottom line is that April really knows how to party. Jump in on the fun with some choice finds to help celebrate the second half of this month to the fullest.

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Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries, 72pk

Today is National Cheddar Cheese Fries Day and as a cheese fry aficionado, I could not be more excited. Savor the flavor of this celebration with a big ol' case of Andy Capp's Cheese Fries, the perfect cure for all of those late night munchies. Take your cheese fry indulgences up a notch and don your best Single Shy & Ready for Cheese Fries shirt and prepare to rule the world.


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Gopet Treadwheel

April is also National Canine Fitness Month and what better way to turn your dog into a gym rat than with their very own treadmill? Let's face it, dogs are always down for a nice long walk but humans not so much. This treadwheel will keep your pup's heart pumping while you laze around on the couch so everybody wins! Not real comfortable with putting your best friend in a hamster wheel? This pet treadmill is a bit more traditional (and still hilarious).


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It's Always Sunny Danny DeVito Wall Scroll

April is also National Decorating Month and the perfect excuse to adorn your digs with a whole bunch of Danny DeVito. This wall scroll unrolls like an official declaration of fun and is fully prepared to hang proudly wherever you think it fits best: above your bed, above your mantle, on your front door... the possibilities are endless! There's also a life-sized Danny DeVito cut-out that should be standard issue for any home in my opinion.


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Lima Bean Respect Day Mug

Do you have a lima bean lover in your life? Yeah, I don't either but I can think of a billion people that I would still buy this mug for. April 20th is National Lima Bean Respect Day but this charming mug demands respect for the limas all year round. Pair it with a Lima Bean Respect Journal for the perfect off-beat gift package. Let's hear it for lima beans!


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Cheech Costume Kit with Cap Wig and Moustache

And, of course, April 20th would not be complete without a nod to Cheech and Chong. Dave's not here, man, but these fabulous costume kits make sure everyone's favorite hippie duo is always at the party. Grab your best bud, suit up, and stream the entire Cheech and Chong catalog for a proper celebration. Don't have enough time for all those movies? Half Baked will definitely suffice. Don't forget the cheese fries!

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