Ready or not (Irish or not) tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day when everyone is at least a wee bit Irish. Jump in on the St. Paddy's debauchery with these off-color finds. May the excuses to day-drink and wear green begin!

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Leprechaun Boogers, Snot, & Toot Dust

The best part? Everything is scratch made from a real leprechaun that lives in a modest US candy factory and is 100% free of gluten, dairy, nut, soy, and eggs. Just pure, old-fashioned boogers, snot, and toot dust.

credit: Amazon

Corned Beef IV T-Shirt

In all honesty, this is probably the best St. Patrick's Day shirt I have ever seen. I mean, come on. Intravenous corned beef? Where can a girl sign up?! However, I realize a corned beef IV is not for everyone and offer up this Amateur Sketch of the Mobile Alabama Leprechaun t-shirt as well. Who all seen the leprechaun? Say yeaaaah!

Leprechaun Photo Prop Party Accessory

Imagine sliding down a magical rainbow high above the captivating countryside of the Emerald Isle and then landing smack dab onto a POT OF GOLD! Sounds pretty amazing, right? All this can be yours with this photo prop sent straight from heaven. Be sure to practice your heel kick so you can be the best leprechaun ever!

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Leprechaun Farts Aromatherapy Candle

Now that you know what Leprechaun boogers and toots taste like I think you're ready to find out what a leprechaun fart smells like. Thank goodness someone saw the need for these candles because personally, I have always been a little embarrassed to ask the question that this candle answers.

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Leprechaun - The Complete Movie Collection

Not feeling quite as colorful as the rest of the world on St. Patrick's Day? Have no fear (literally - this franchise isn't exactly scary aside from the poor acting), the entire collection of Leprechaun movies is here. Buy, rent, stream... do whatever, just be sure to take part in the entire adventure from Ireland to space to the hood and back again.

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