With Spring Break and summer just around the corner, long, boring road trips and flights are bound to happen. Here's a list of travel games to keep you and your partner, siblings, kids or friends entertained on the road and in the air.

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Catan Traveler

Settlers of Catan is one of my favorite board games. It's not difficult to play and the ways it can pan out are endless. I'm definitely buying this version to play on my honeymoon flight!


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Mindware Travel Qwirkle

As simple as Qwirkle looks, it's a super fun and challenging game of strategy. You can play with two to four people, and you better be prepared for multiple rematches!


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Educational Insights Kanoodle

I got Kanoodle as a Christmas gift from my aunt a few years ago and I still pull it out when I go on a road trip where I won't be driving. The puzzles vary in difficulty, the pieces are all fun colors and it's perfect for just one person!


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Overcooked! 2 for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has so many great games, including the original Overcooked!, but the sequel is my favorite since you can play as a calico cat or an alien. This may not be the best game for keeping things quiet in the car but the time will certainly fly by. You can play with up to four players, but I want you to be prepared for the inevitability that you will be trapped alone on one side of the screen if you play with three players, and the stakes will be high.


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Trouble Grab & Go Game

It's fun gettin' into trouble or something. Also, I love any opportunity to be rude to someone I love and Trouble never fails to provide that experience.

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