Is there anything better than leisurely riding your bike on a beautiful spring day when the weather is nice? There is! Buying yourself a beautiful new bike and then decking it out in some cool gear.

sixthreezero Grey Touring City Road Bicycle

I love everything about this bicycle, including the fact that it's a road bike instead of a cruiser. Most vintage-looking bicycles are just cruisers, which are great but don't fit everyone's needs.


credit: Amazon

Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Adult Bicycle Basket

Metal baskets are durable but this woven basket is so beautiful and seems like it would really tie the vintage bicycle look together.


credit: Amazon

Gentlemen's Hardware 15-Piece Essential Handy Bicycle Repair and Puncture Kit

This kit has just about everything you could need to fix your bike and tires on the go, but this little Schwinn multi-tool also seems really handy to have tucked away in a storage compartment.


credit: Amazon

TOURBON Canvas Rear Seat Bag

I have some metal cage baskets on the back of my cruiser that are super handy for carrying groceries home, but being able to tuck whatever you have away in something waterproof and durable seems really nice. They also make a matching handlebar bag and a water bottle holder!


credit: Amazon

Huffy Beach Cruiser Comfort Bike

This bike is my absolute favorite color and it comes with a fair amount of matching accessories!


credit: Amazon

Gentlemen's Hardware Brass Vintage Bicycle Bell

This is perfect if you're looking for a very classic-looking vintage bell, but if your bicycle aesthetic leans more modern, this Knog Oi aluminum bike bell should be right up your alley.


credit: Amazon

sixthreezero Cream Women's Touring City Road Bicycle

This cream bike is really beautiful and would be perfect with this cool leather cup holder!

credit: Amazon

visnfa Bike Phone Mount 

This is a very simple phone holder that can hook onto your handlebar. I also found this waterproof touch screen phone holder with storage that straddles your middle bar and is useful for biking on trails.


credit: Amazon

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

I really want one of these for my dog, Coco. She gets tired about halfway through a long walk or bike ride and this way she could still enjoy the sounds and smells while taking a nice little rest. They also have bike trailers for kids!

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