Spring is great. I get it. On the inside, I'm experiencing all those flowery feelings of renewal and change, but on the outside, I'm still a stone-cold goth, and you can be too.

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Clear & Black Polka Dot Umbrella

There's nothing quite like wandering in a moody rainstorm, but you don't want to ruin your perfect black eyeliner either, so keep this umbrella handy and stay dry without losing visibility or your goth card.


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PyroPet Candles

Ambience is important. Some people like a nice floral candle to brighten their space. Some of us like our candles with a little more backbone. Actually, an entire skeleton is ideal. I'm partial to cats, but they have tons of different animals. Feeling a little fanciful? Buy a unicorn or a dragon to burn!


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Lily & Parker Women’s Overall Dress

I like an overall dress because you can style it so many ways. Wear it with a black long-sleeve tee. Wear it with black tights. Wear it with black sandals. The possibilities are endless!

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Black Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat

If your style bends more toward Lydia Deetz than Malibu Barbie, lean hard into that strange and unusual aesthetic this spring with a wide-brim black hat. The fact that it's a straw hat says, I'm outdoorsy. The fact that it's also black says, But I'm goth-outdoorsy. 


credit: Amazon

Umbra Bolo Hanging Planter

I'm a plant mom, but I'm also a goth, so I lose it when I find a stylish black planter. Plants can just be so colorful you know? Gotta bring it down a notch sometimes. If your thumb is as black as your soul, never fear. These dark calla lilies look alive but are really dead inside, just like you.

credit: Amazon

Black Tote Bag

When it's time to enjoy a springtime picnic at the beach or the park, you need a tote that says, "I'm goth and these are my belongings." It's waterproof and made of recycled materials, so while you're out in nature thinking about how small you are in the scope of the universe, you can feel a little better than you're being eco-friendly.

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