Sure, having more hours of daylight is cool and all but you know what's even better? Not being robbed of an hour of sweet, sweet slumber. Included below are a few finds to help you adjust to that first groggy morning following Daylight Savings this weekend.

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Clocky: The Original Runaway Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are harsh no matter how you slice it but this one really takes the cake. Not only does it emit a super loud and abrasive robotic beeping but this little jerk also runs away from you. It even starts the show by jumping off the bedside table when you reach to hit snooze. There's not going to be any sleeping in with a pint-sized, fast-as-heck screaming R2D2 darting around the room. Good morning!


credit: Amazon

3D Cockroack Plush Pillow

The only thing that can rouse me from a deep sleep (aside from the sound of my dog dry-heaving in the middle of the night) is the impending doom of a cockroach spotted somewhere in the room, house, county, etc.  These horrifying pillows put a whole new spin on "bed bugs" and are guaranteed to wake you right up as they make any bed uninviting. Not scared of roaches? Maybe this Jeff Goldblum mermaid pillow will keep you from sleeping.


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Zen Life Burrito Blanket

Admit it: You've wrapped yourself up like a burrito for some good old-fashioned snoozin' and you liked it! Burritos exude cozy and this impressive five-foot blanket will ease the pains of any lost hour(s) of sleep. Keep a hand-tossed pizza throw blanket and a cat eating a taco AND pizza in space blanket on-hand and you're sittin' pretty as you blast off to catch those missing zzzs. Go on... be one with the burrito.


credit: Amazon

Exaggerated Eye Glasses

Nothing screams, "I'm awake! I'm awake!" quite like some glasses that have been designed to do just that. Need to come off as fully operational at work while you're doing that head nod thing, dreaming about the snug salvation of your bed? Have no fear! These creepy eyes-wide-open-all-the-time glasses are here to save the day.


credit: Amazon

Trinkin Lid & Tall Boy Cup Coozie

Catch a buzz when you're jonesin' for some zzzs with this top-notch alcohol disguise. Snap the lid on the top of your tall, short skinny or canette can and cover it up with the collapsible coozie to keep things discreet. The lid also attaches to standard size coffee cups if you're mixing your own this morning. When all else fails, Irish up your coffee!

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