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Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo but, if you're anything like me, it's always Cinco de Mayo in your heart. Bright colors, tequila, maracas, sugar skulls, tacos... yep. Just sounds just like any other day to me. Included below are some stellar finds that go above and beyond Cinco de Mayo and are just begging to be played with all year round.

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Lime & Salt Margarita Rimmer Set

Margaritas and puns? Sign me up! This clever little lime and salt rimmer set safely separate your citrus from your sodium chloride for flawless margarita dressing. It even comes with a stamped silver-plated "give me a wedgie" fork because this sassy set has got some serious jokes!


credit: Amazon

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Party Hat

What could be funnier than a giant taco hat? Of all the hilarious hats I have seen in my time this one really stands out. Sure, it's absolutely a Cinco de Mayo must-have but this fancy hat will work just as well on Taco Tuesday, National Taco Day, while waiting in the Taco Bell drive-through, at an upcoming job interview, first dates... anything really!


credit: Amazon

Empanada & Churro Maker

In the mood for an empanada? Of course you are. In the mood for a churro? Of course you are. In the mood for BOTH an empanada and a churro? Of course you are! And lucky for you this combination empanada and churro maker is here to save the day. Whether you're craving something sweet or something savory simply mix up your dough and let this magical machine take care of the rest.


credit: Amazon

Two Dozen Two Toned Maracas

Maracas are fun all of the time. It's a fact. Two dozen maracas are exponentially fun so you should probably just go ahead and get some for safe keeping. These bright plastic ones are the perfect addition to ANY party but these wooden fiesta maracas are sure to shake things up on Cinco de Mayo in particular.


credit: Amazon

Avocado Fun Shades & Earrings Set

Dare to stand out amongst all the sombreros with this adorable avocado fashion statement. Avocados are delicious and everyone knows it so why not flaunt your love for them with some super cute shades and earrings? Throw in a sombrero hairclip and you've got all of your party bases covered!


credit: Amazon

Mustache Pool Float

Cinco de Mustache! This gigantic 8' mustache pool float is what dreams are made of. Use it in the pool, in your living room, as a blow-up mattress for that one guy that isn't going to make it home after the party... this party mustache is ready to be whatever you need it to be. Pair this float with some fake mustache action and seal the whole "king of the mustache party" deal for yourself.