Everyone needs a place to pick up what they need for the day and somewhere to drop everything at the end of the day. Here are some items you'll definitely want in your entryway.

credit: Amazon

MyGift Distressed Barnwood Floating Shelf With Hooks

I adore this cute rustic piece. It features a shelf that would be great for displaying a piece of artwork or to put some candles on. It also has three hooks, perfect for dropping your keys, scarf and purse.

credit: Amazon

Rustic Style Five Hook Coat Rack

These hooks would be a great addition to any entryway, mudroom or even a bathroom. Hang your coat and hat as you come in or hang your towels in the bath.


credit: Amazon

Entryway Chalkboard with Hooks

Give the kids a specific place to hang their backpack and coat as they come in. It will help with the dreaded "mom, where's my coat?" however not so much with the "where are my shoes?". You can even label with chalk above the hooks with chalk. 

Wall Mounted Mail Sorter Key Hook Organizer with Chalkboard

Leave reminders or a grocery list on this Chalkboard organizer. It's finish is what makes it so unique. You could sort mail or put some greenery in the slots and use the labels for the slots or for the hooks below.