The 91st Oscars are this weekend (Sunday, February 24th) and thousands of Oscars watch-parties are being thrown together as I type. So here are a few easy and cute things to grab to add to your watch-party.

credit: Amazon

Gold Trophy Statues (Set of Six)

Use these little trophies as accents to your party decor or hand them out as prizes for movie trivia or guessing who wins best picture correctly!


credit: Amazon

Red Carpet Aisle Runner

In the wise words of Tom Haverford, "How do you make any event classy on a budget? A red carpet." And if you want to take this to its logical conclusion, you could also buy some adhesive red felt and line the insoles of your shoes so no matter where you go, you're always "walking on red carpet."


credit: Amazon

Fun Express Movie Reel Cupcake Holder

Snacks are crucial for a successful party! You could put more than just cupcakes on this stand. You could fill the tiers with candy or macarons or potato chips. Or you could make some fun Oscar-shaped or vintage movie camera-shaped cut-out cookies to share with your friends! The possibilities are endless.


credit: Amazon

Poise3EHome Sequin Photography Backdrop Curtain in Light Gold

People love photo booths. I don't know why the combination of a sequin curtain, some fake mustaches on a stick and a camera make people lose their minds, but they love it. And as we all know, a photo booth backdrop is only as good as its props!


credit: Amazon

Gold Glitter Plastic Champagne Flutes (50 Count)

These are cute and perfect for feeling a little fancy in your own living room. You can also get the matching plates for hors d'oeuvres or desserts!

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