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It’s National Ice Cream Month! Let’s celebrate with some awesome homemade ice cream, but first, we’ll need some supplies. I’ve got everything you’ll need for ice cream making!

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The Perfect Scoop

Get the Scoop on ice cream making with this recipe book! You’ll find classics along with some cutting-edge flavors. With everything from ice cream to sorbet to gelato, this includes over 200 recipes!

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Cuisinart ICE-30R

This vibrant brushed metal and red ice cream maker isn’t all looks. Its heavy-duty motor will make frozen desserts or drinks in as little as 25 minutes. It holds up to two quarts and even has a large ingredient spout for adding mix-ins. Want a sleeker look? Get an ice cream maker in brushed stainless steel!

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SUMO Ice Cream Container

You're going to need somewhere to store your delicious creations. This 1.5-quart container is dishwasher safe, has a non-stick interior and even has double wall insulation. They’re built for stacking so keep a stack of your favorites on hand at all times. If you’re into smaller containers, scoop up these quart containers.

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Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop by Midnight Scoop

This isn’t your typical ice cream scoop. Have you ever felt like scooping ice cream is a workout in itself? With this, scooping ice cream is a breeze! You push with the palm of your hand instead of using your wrist muscles, and this stainless-steel scoop is made to last, so it even comes with a lifetime guarantee!