In the wise words of Homer Simpson, “To alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."

Tomorrow is National Beer Day... another beautiful excuse to celebrate beer and get schnockered in the process. Included below are a few choice items to help fuel the celebration. Now join me in three cheers for beer! Hip! Sip! Hooray!

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Sonic Foamer Beer Aerator

We're going to start the celebration with a nod to a more refined breed of beer drinker (even if that's kind of an oxymoron): The Sonic Foamer Beer Aerator. This little soldier creates the perfect foam head for the best-tasting beer imaginable all at the touch of a button. Plus it kind of looks like a spaceship or one of those buzzers you get while you're waiting for a table at a restaurant so there's a fabulous built-in prank/make-believe factor.


credit: Amazon

Leather Beer Holster

Holding on to a cold beer is for yellow-bellies. Leather beer holsters are not. This fashionable beer carrying accessory frees up your hands for endless high-fives while creating the debonaire look of a cowboy or general contractor that really likes to party. If you're looking to keep your beer colder for longer you may want to try out the YETI Rambler but you'll have to hold it. Like a yellow-belly.


credit: Amazon

Chill-O-Matic Beverage Chiller

Let me tell you, I’m a huge fan of completely unnecessary “take up space” items in the kitchen and this one reigns supreme. The Chill-O-Matic will take a "rodeo cold" beer to "ice cold" beer in 60-seconds flat! Plus, it's battery operated so you can take it to BBQs, tailgates, the bathroom... wherever you want! Added bonus: it looks like a t-shirt launcher and those are always fun.


credit: Amazon

Classic Beer Guzzler Helmet

Behold. The quintessential party animal accessory. The crown jewel of beer guzzling. The one, the only, Classic Beer Guzzler Helmet. This noggin-nuzzlin' drinking device is fully adjustable so you can share it with those that are deemed worthy. This trendsetting bad boy makes any experience - from a full-blown house party to watching I Love Lucy reruns by yourself - a truly excellent experience.


credit: Amazon

Two-Fisted Drinker Ultimate Beer Mug

One bird with two Keystones! This shatter-resistant double-fister is for the ever efficient drinker, housing two cold friendlies for your lushful pleasure. If you're just lounging and trying to catch up on your stories, the two-fisted drinker may be a bit much but this TV-viewing slanted beer mug is sure to do the trick. Heck, you could even fill up the slanted mug from the two-fister for even fewer trips to the fridge. It's science.


credit: Amazon

Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack

Every good drunk requires a good meal and this beer can chicken roaster rack has been sent straight from heaven for the hungry, multi-tasking drinker. The chicken roasts over a half can of beer for over an hour so you've got plenty of time to catch a buzz. Let's face it, chicken and beer go together like hangovers and regret so let's knock out the possibility of the latter and put some poultry in that beer gut before it's too late.

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