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I may not be a mom to any human babies but I the proud mom of a big, derpy fur baby and that makes today, National Dog Moms Day, my time to shine! Keeping a dog loved, walked, and fed can be exhausting sometimes so let's make a dog mom's tail wag with a specially curated gift, shall we?

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I Love You Long Time Wine Glass

Wow, let me tell you, the world of dog mom related wine glasses is a vast one, indeed! I personally love this punny little wine glass but it was hard to whittle my choices down from a ton of others including the Dogs & Wine Make Life Better and It's Not Really Drinking Alone if the Dog is Home options.


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Best Dog Mom Ever Coffee Mug

Here's a great choice for the mom that opts for a caffeinated beverage over wine (or the mom that drinks her wine from a coffee mug). I've got to admit, this seemingly-salty dog cartoon had me confused at first but then I started to think about all of the times I'm sure my dog would give me the finger if he could and it all made sense. There's also a  Fetch This option which is equally as charming.


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Stay at Home Dog Mom Tea Towel

Truer words have never been spoken, oh wise tea towel! This 100% cotton machine-washable towel says what we all feel in our hearts and makes for a truly thoughtful gift. The pawprints, hearts, and rooftop accent really tie the whole tea towel together making it the perfect addition to any dog mom's kitchen.


credit: Amazon

Dynotag Web Enabled Super Pet ID

It's no secret that all moms worry (especially moms with little escape artists) and this smart ID tag helps to take the edge off. These web-enabled dog tags work via specially issued QR code and web address that keeps all of your contact info well-managed and up to date. As an added bonus, each tag requires zero electronics or batteries and comes with lifetime replacement should you ever need it.


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Women's Dog Walking Fanny Pack

 Let's be real here, fanny packs are just insanely logical when it comes to walking your dog - they free up your hands, they're incredibly light and they're just flat-out awesome. This particular pack was designed especially with dog moms in mind and comes equipped with a ton of convenient accessories including a waste bag dispenser, headphone cord, water bottle holder and more.


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Doggy Moodycards Desk Accessory

Last up is a truly unique desk accessory for the hard working dog mom that sits in an office all day (constantly thinking about her fur baby back at home). No matter what your mood might be these doggy moodycards let you say it loud and say it proud. Pair them with some Dog & Bone Shaped Paperclips for a match made in cubicle heaven.