The holidays are coming in hot and what better way to jump-start your shopping than by slamming a couple of cocktails and venturing down an Amazon rabbit hole?

Credit: Amazon

Senior Woman Cook Holding Muffins Wall Decal

The most amazing wall accouterment designed to fill so many voids. Whether you’re missing your grandparents, friends, or human company in general, this lovely lady will be there for you when you need her. Really digging the added home security bonus of this piece since the perfect placement could make it look like someone already broke in to bake muffins should burglars be lurking around outside.

If this sassy lassy doesn’t cut it for you, or if you’re worried that just one wall chef will get lonely, there are plenty more characters to add to the party including Senior Woman with Asthma InhalerSenior Woman with Toothbrush, and Bitten Baloney Sandwich.


Credit: Amazon

Sharp End Cats Bum Meowing Pencil Sharpener

Guess what? Cat butt! Remember when you would go use the pencil sharpener to show off your radical new Girbauds or Starter jacket in junior high? Well, now’s your chance to be cool ALL the time. Not only is this thing amazing to look at but it also meows when you put a pencil in it, comes with a litter tray for shavings, is Amazon's Choice for "cat pencil sharpener" and currently available at a 32% discount.

Credit: Amazon

The Big Lebowski Adjustable Apron by RESULT LOVE

“There’s a beverage here, man!” Came across this gem and immediately thought of it as something that would really tie the BBQ, holiday-eatin’, and/or microwave dinner together. As an added bonus this bad boy isn't reserved for food spills alone but also for drink spills… like a fashionable lobster bib for any active lush. Described as a “baking apron” which we think it pretty far out (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Credit: Amazon

Easy-Open Canned Unicorn Meat by ThinkGeek

Pretty sure this is straight-up digestible magic. I mean, come on! Excellent source of sparkles?! Who couldn’t use more of those in their gut? Plus, the photo on the can looks an awful lot like General Tso's Chicken so it has to be great. It’s unicorn!

(Sobering update: this is not real unicorn meat. It’s multiple stuffed unicorn pieces (plush, not real). Still might make you feel magical if ingested on a dare or adorned similarly to a lucky rabbit’s foot.)

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