Here’s to déjà vu! Pour yourself some sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist and settle in for some frivolous marmot-themed finds. Here’s to déjà vu!

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Groundhog Day

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today! Warm up with this Bill Murray classic because, honestly, it's just a no-brainer. It's groundhog day. You should watch Groundhog Day. Duh.


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Groundhog Peek-Sports 21oz Water Bottle

Hydrate with the hog while watching streaming the Bill Murray classic or numb the pain of the bitter-cold winter with this majestic reusable water bottle. 21oz not enough? Opt for a full-on 2L Flip Top Coffee Carafe in Gold and Black just like they use at the Tip Top Cafe outside of Gobbler's Knob!


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VXAR Shoe Covers/Overshoe Galoshes

Guys, there is a VERY impressive world of groundhog-themed attire out there. Who knew?! I sure didn't. Until now. I'm talking Punxsutawney Phil Party Top Hats (sure to turn anyone in the Head Groundhog Honcho), Groundhog with Chainsaw t-shirts, Don't Drive Angry t-shirts and, my personal favorite, this Crazy Groundhog Lady t-shirt (Is that a fox? Why is it drinking? What’s a crazy groundhog lady? Am I a crazy groundhog lady? If I’m not, am I able to gift this to someone and turn them into a crazy groundhog lady?) And, let's not forget the galoshes because ol' Ned Ryerson says that first step is a dooooozy. Bing!

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Solar Powered Groundhog Giving Middle Finger LED Accent Statue

This little guy is hands-down one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. Not only will it light up your garden or walkway but it will also light up your life with some good old-fashioned hard It will light up your life while lighting up your walkway. Perfect for the crazy groundhog lady in your life.

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