The quickest way to anchor yourself in a coffee lover's heart is to enable their bean habit. With the right tools, you can make that java brewing experience an even brighter part of their day!

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Keurig K-Select Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker in Matte White

When you need that hot bean juice NOW, this Keurig is your hero. Slam in a K-Cup (it comes with a six-count variety pack!), choose from four different sizes and look forward to drinking a delicious cuppa in less than one minute. The water reservoir's a whopping 52 oz. so you can make up to five cups before having to refill, and since we know everyone loves a big ole travel mug for the road, we're especially glad that it has a removable drip pan so you can accommodate that fancy one you've been dying to show off to the other commuters. Did we mention it comes in a ton of colors?


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Four-Pack of Reusable K-Cups

Is your coffee-loving compadre particular about who grinds their beans? Do they love the environment and lecture you about the wastefulness of single-use plastics? Give the gift that keeps on giving (and giving and giving). Whether it's fresh-ground or store-bought, reusable k-cups are the perfect way to customize what kind of coffee you brew, and maybe it'll taste just a little better knowing your k-cup isn't going into a landfill. Need some more color in your life? These come in purple too!


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French Press Coffee Maker

Have you ever looked at a container of fresh coffee grounds and had an irresistible urge to squash em? What if I told you squashing em can actually make the coffee taste better? Squash away! This French press has an amazing four-level filtration system to keep grounds out of your brew, and it can hold up to eight cups of coffee so you'll have enough to convert at least seven other people into French pressers. Throw in a burr coffee grinder like this one for the ultimate coffee lover's gift!


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Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer

Even though we basically live in the coffee wild west when it comes to instant java, there are still holdouts for the traditional and delicious pour over method. For your local coffee purist, this pour over brew is perfect! The laser-cut stainless steel filter means you don't have to worry about wasting money on single-use paper filters that end up in the trash.

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Bean Envy Electric Handheld Milk Frother

Stop trying to impress everyone with your black coffee and just admit that you like a little frothed dairy in your morning joe. With this handheld milk frother, you can get that cafe-perfect foam on your latte right in your own kitchen. I've heard it's also good for whipping eggs and mixing cocktails but we're in the coffee zone right now, so stay focused.


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HUJI Stackable Porcelain Espresso Cups

Even if that all-night project has you wanting to chug coffee straight from the pot, you're not an animal. Stop and consider a classy cup of espresso to keep you going. These stackable little mugs and saucers are sleek, space-saving and holding one will make you look more put together than you might feel after a harried day.

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