Last Saturday was National Puppy Day (why isn’t every day National Puppy Day?) and, if you're anything like me, you may have missed it. Not to worry, though! Your dog is a dog and has no idea! Besides, today is National Take a Walk in the Park Day and the perfect opportunity to make it up to your furry best friend.

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Novelty Dog Leash Hanger

The best thing you can do for your best friend is to take them on a walk every day but an extra-long stroll today can help make up for the days you've missed. The best thing you can do to motivate yourself to walk them more is obviously a dog butt leash holder.


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Walkee Paws Waterproof Dog Leggings

The second best thing you can do for your dog is to make them look like a total nerd and Walkee Paws do not disappoint. Keep your pups' Frito-smelling feet clean, dry and fashionable with this innovative fancy-dog-pants-boots combo. Pair it with an extra dorky pet umbrella for the ultimate walk of shame.


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Duckbill Muzzle Mask

If it looks like a duck and tries to quack like a duck... let's err on the side of caution and call it a dog. This duckbill muzzle will prevent any dog from eating scat, licking wounds, barking, and/or becoming the alpha of any situation. If a duckbill isn't tough enough, this lion's mane also goes above and beyond. Walk your duck, walk your dog, or walk your lion. The choice is yours.


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Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy

Can't walk a real dog? Walk a fake one! Trust me, people will still appreciate it (even if they're laughing at you). If you aren't in a situation to get your own dog any time soon, this pull-along puppy will ease the pain until you're 100% ready. They're easy to train, suspiciously well-behaved on a leash, and will save you A TON on food and treats.


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Bowser Beer Variety 3 Pack

Now that you've both enjoyed a nice long walk it's definitely time for a brewski. Even if your pup hates baths they're sure to love these suds. There's actually no booze involved, so it's the perfect happy hour treat, kibble pour-over, or post-walkies hydration choice. Cheers!

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