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If you're one of those people who likes to throw a party every holiday, then let's talk Summer Solstice Garden Party! These finds will help get your garden party started on the right foot.

credit: Amazon

Giantex 70” Three-Piece Portable Folding Picnic Table

Every garden party needs a place for people to gather. Take a seat with good company on these portable but sturdy picnic tables. Want something a little more versatile? Check out this bench that folds into a table.

credit: Amazon

Six Pack Large Pop-up Mesh Screen Food Covers

No party is complete without food! Keep it covered with these mesh screen pop-up food covers. Don't worry about getting them dirty or where you'll keep them either because they're collapsible and washable. Now flies won't get to the goodies before your guests!

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252' Artificial Eucalyptus Leaf Vines

Vamp up your fence, porch or gazebo with these vines for your festivities! They'll add some green to your surroundings but you won't have to care for them all year. Want something a little more colorful? Grab this flowering vine!


credit: Amazon

Solar Mason Jar Lights

Your party may start in the daytime but you can transition to evening easily with these solar Mason Jar lights. They're great as a table piece, or you can light up the edge of your railing instead! Add some ambiance to your party with these beautiful Mason Jar lights.

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Twinkle Star 300 LED Curtain String Lights

These string lights are perfect for indoors or outdoors. They are even connectable so you can cover a large area. Create an oasis in your garden with these curtain lights!