Gag gifts are tricky because they're supposed to be outrageous and goofy, but the best ones are those that you actually end up using every day. Outrageous and goofy be darned - you'll be holding onto these!

credit: Amazon

GoFloats Ice Dragon Party Tube

There are pool floats, and then there are pool floats. This thing is huge and kind of obnoxious but in the best way. So much real estate! It's the perfect way to enjoy the pool, lake or beach.


Wolf Blanket

Super Soft Wolf Blanket

This is the kind of blanket that turns a friendly White Elephant gift exchanges into a cutthroat battle. I'm speaking from personal experience. At first, you think it's kinda silly, but then you feel how soft it is and you start to imagine yourself cuddled up with it in a remote cabin sipping hot cocoa and listening to the majestic music of the mountains. You need one. Just trust me.

credit: Amazon

Trash Sweatshirt

Self-deprecating humor is very en vogue right now. Maybe you thought this sweatshirt would be funny because haha it says trash on it but it's pink and kinda cute - how unexpected. Then you really start to think about how you've eaten pizza for the last six meals like a trash person but you're also still cute and fun. You are this sweatshirt and this sweatshirt is you.


credit: Amazon

Sushi Socks Box

These are amazing! The packaging, the colors, the whole shebang! Plain, boring socks are over and food-themed novelty socks are in now and forever!

credit: Amazon

Rainbow Bracelet Flask

Secret flasks range from tacky to downright silly, but this one is such a sublime mix of the two that I can't stop myself from wanting it. What started as a joke gift is now a fashion statement you can pry from my cold, tastefully buzzed hands.

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