Get the kid's and adult's eyes away from their screens for a while with these board games.

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Get creative with this updated classic game. Use dry erase markers to illustrate a word while your team guesses. Whether you're an artist or a novice you'll have tons of fun drawing it out. Get sketching!

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Draw cards in order to see how you'll move your pawn. Land on another person's piece and you'll be saying "sorry!" as you kick them back to the start. The goal is to get all your game pieces around the board and into the safe zone. Get into this old favorite with this deal!

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Watch Ya' Mouth

This game is absolutely hilarious. Say phrases with this plastic gadget in your mouth while your friends and family take a stab at what the phrase is. The crazy guesses as well as watching the person trying to say the phrase will get your whole group laughing. You may also want to keep some paper towels on hand. Things get a little slobbery.

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No family holiday would be complete without an obscenely long game of Monopoly. Gather properties and build hotels as you go around the board. Fair warning this game may bring out old rivalries or create new ones! Not up for the length of this game? Check out Monopoly Deal.

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