With Easter coming up you’ve got to be prepared for the Easter egg hunt! From eggs to baskets to decorations, these finds will have you planning your egg hunt with ease.

credit: Amazon

Small Easter Baskets with Grass

I know it’s hard to contain your excitement for the bunny coming to town but at least you can contain your eggs with these awesome baskets. This set of five baskets even comes with grass to put in the bottom of each one.

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24 Easter Eggs Filled with Mochi Squishy Toys

No egg hunt would be complete without eggs to find. Crack these open to find squishy animal shaped toys. They are great toys for stress relief, decoration and so much more.

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12 Easter Eggs Filled with Construction Toys

You may be deconstructing a lot of eggs but maybe you’ll be able to rebuild with these. Kids will be ecstatic when they see the construction toys that are hiding in these. These vehicles even have movable parts!

credit: Amazon

Easter Egg Hunt Decorations

Take your hunt over the top with these wooden signs. Point the way to the hunt or guide the children to their destination with these yard decorations. Each sign is already attached to a stake making these a breeze to set up. Stick them in the ground and let the Easter egg hunt begin.

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