It’s National Pizza Day and we are going to celebrate like tipsy revellers with some pizza-themed purchases! After all, pizza and booze go together just as well as self-loathing and booze.

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Pizza Piñata

Seriously. Who doesn’t love beating the everloving badookie out of a piñata? Fill that bad boy with Gummy Pizzas, strap a couple of Pizza Hats on your party guests (should you be lucky enough to have them... scratch that, should they be lucky enough to be invited!), throw in some beer and some dizzy bat action and you’re ready to take your next pizza party to a whole other level.

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Portable Pizza Pouch

Prepare to pack some pizza heat! This loyal pizza-preserving puppy goes anywhere you go and can easily be concealed under your clothes for secret snacking. No outside food or drinks, huh door guy? Joke’s on you, bud. You can also opt for the slightly more colorful and trendy TMNT Purse that may not actually fit a whole slice but… oh come on, who are we kidding? You can make it work and you know it.


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Sippin Slice On-the-Go Pizza Bottle

Have you ever seen something so beautiful? Fill this sippin slice with your favorite adult beverage and no one will ever suspect a thing. Nothing to see here… just drinking out of this here pizza slice. If you prefer to be more forthcoming with your consumption you can always drape your drank with this whimsical Pizza Coolie.

**Sobering update: this slice is not for consumption. Technically you can try to eat it but… it does not taste good**


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Pizza's Here! Oven Mitt

Flaunt your pizza pride with these paw protectors! Whether you’re heating up some late-night frozen easies or questionably old leftovers (i.e. drunk noms to fill your belly before you spin off into an anxiety-ridden slumber) these oven mitts will get the job done while portraying a timeless message.

**Added bonus: these would work beautifully to prevent those pesky duct tape rashes that often result from a rowdy game of Edward Fortyhands.**


credit: Amazon


Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: The great big book of pizza <insert angels singing here>. This analog hodgepodge of pizza facts, pizza history and full-on pizza celebration is sure to satisfy the pizza lover in your life while creating some serious jealousy for those who lack a Pizzapedia. Looking to teach a youngster about the magic of pizza? Try out the riveting children's book Babies Don’t Eat Pizza (they must mean actual babies because I know plenty of adults that are absolute babies and I've seen them put down some serious pizza).

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