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Heart-Shaped Everything
With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, what better time is there to enjoy a list of heart-shaped things you could buy for yourself, your partner-in-crime or even just a friend!
Party Prep for The Big Game
Is it your turn to host a party for the big game? Have no fear - this post is here to help you find exactly what you need to enjoy your favorite sport (or if you're anything like me - the commercials)!
Tips and Tools for Tax Prep
Here are some awesome tax prep materials I had or wish I had when I was running my business and some, I'm thinking of picking up now. So whether you are getting ready for your own personal taxes or you’re running your own business I’ve got some good stuff for you.
Game of Thrones Fan Wishlist
We've been waiting well over a year for season eight of Game of Thrones. And now it's finally down to the last few months! So here's a list of cute or fun Game of Thrones-themed items!
Get Your Life in Order
Looking to better yourself this year? Me too! I've got a few items that have either recently come into my life that I love or ones that are staples in my life.

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